About us

Our Journey

Over the past five years, we have become a pioneering augmented and virtual reality company in South Africa, working with some of the world’s largest brands and agencies to create breath-taking and award-winning solutions

In our constant pursuit of creating value-driven solutions and due to high demand, in 2018, bizAR Reality separated its training department into a separate brand, now known as FusionBloc. By doing so, FusionBloc became a fully functional, turnkey simulation company that devotes its time and resources to creating immersive training solutions for both local and international companies.

Our ‘off the shelf’ and custom-developed virtual reality training courses allow your organisation to provide safe and effective employee training on specific tasks or functions without directly subjecting employees to the associated risks. Our highly realistic simulations enable employees to build practical skills and in-depth knowledge in their field of work, which ultimately improves overall safety and drives organisational efficiencies.